Have you heard Amber Teaser on the Mixtape Show?

Actualizado: 9 de nov de 2019

Amber Teaser is an industrial pop project and was created in Taranto talie by Antonio Iacca after a meeting with the producer Teo de Cillis and the singer Mimmo Modeo. Their kind of music is called Industrial Pop.

The album Human Ritual will be released on November 27th under the Russian label Scentair Records. I have the album here and must say that it sounds very attractive with a surprisingly new sound. I played Dance in a restaurant in the Mixtape Show and it it fitted exactly between all the other songs I played in that show. I'm definitely going to play more from this album during the Mixtape Shows. Keep an eye on this band, I'd say.

Amber Teaser

Amber Teaser

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