The new EP from the Mystic Underground coming Sunday on the Mixtape Show.

Actualizado: 30 de ago de 2019

The guys from the Brooklyn - New York are back with a great new EP.

This time it sounds a little bit different than their previous work.

You can hear that they have been looking for a new sound without forgetting their roots where they started. Al by all its sounds a bit fresher then before, there is still that underground feeling what we used to hear before from them. It sounds a bit like they're going upstairs at night with an elevator to discover new things in their city and in the real life. That might sound a bit strange but that's how I experience it.

I really think they're on the right to making it to the top in their own scene.

Let's give these guys a chance and listen to the Mixtape Show coming Sunday from 20:00 to 21:00 on radio Plus.

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